Student by student, classroom by classroom, school by school, we are making a difference in our community and our world. Won't you support us?

Our 2014-2015 Donors

We are so grateful for the support of our donors – parents, alumni, teachers, administrators, neighbors, businesses large and small. Together, we are making our great school system even better!

Donations made July 1, 2014 – December 31, 2015

Lifetime Legacy Donors
($10,000 or more)

Alabama Power Foundation
Brasfield & Gorrie
The Caring Foundation – BC/BS
Ferlisi-Jolley Associates, Inc.
Merrill Lynch
Regions Bank
State of Alabama Education Grant
Trust Building Services
Wells Fargo Bank
Zoe’s Restaurants

Scott Abney and Eunie McDavid
Jimmy and Julie Cash
Bruce and Debbie Limbaugh
Ted and Venita Mann
Charles and Lynn Mizerany
Jerry and Lisa Stephens
Larry and Jane Weygand

2014 – 2015 Donors
$10,000 – $15,000

Trust Building Services

Foundation Circle
($5,000 or $9,999)

Alabama Power Foundation
Stone & Sons Electrical Contractors

Blake and Mary Scott Pearson
Warren Averett Asset Management/Josh and Whitney Reidinger

Superintendent’s Club
($2,500- $4,999)

Brasfield & Gorrie
Byrom Building Company
CRC Insurance
EW Motion Therapy/Jon and Britt Delk
Hamilton Mortgage
Oxmoor Valley Orthodontics PC/Vlachos Orthodontics
Regions Bank

Courtney and Elisabeth French
Everette and Julie Herring
Bruce and Debbie Limbaugh
Stan and Nicole Massie
Warren Averett Asset Management/Justin and Lora Russell

($1,000 – $2,499)

Angelica Rohner Pediatric Dentistry
ARC Realty/Stacey Flippen
The Bodnar Foundation
Brookwood Medical Center
Children’s of Alabama – Gastroenterology/Dr. Reed Dimmitt
Curb Appeal
Goodwyn Mills and Cawood
Hoar Project Management
Homewood Star
Kinetic Communications
LAH/Guy and Anna Frances Bradley
Murray Building Company
Poole and Company
Riley Jackson, PC
Royal Cup
Samford University
Skin Wellness Center of Alabama
Town and Country Ford
Twin Construction, Inc.
Volkert, Inc.
The Wade Team/LAH
Waldrep Stewart & Kendrick
Wells Fargo/Bryan Poole
Williams-Blackstock Architects
Yanosky Orthodontics, PLLC

Zack and Laine Barnes
Mark and Cathy Boardman
Jody and Stephanie Brant
Richard and Marjean Brooks
Carol Chesnutt
Fred Chiesa and Bronwyn McInturff
Bill and Jennifer Cleveland
Dave and Ashley Condon
Glenn and Susan Couch
Mike and Elizabeth Goodrich
Matt and Courtney Grill
Stacia Fagan
Bruno and Ouida Fritschi
Tray and Kirstie Ivey
Tom and Louisa Jeffries
Merrill and Barbara Johnston
Andrew and Jane Marie Marlin
Michael and Kristie McAbee
David and Amy McCollum
Carey and Amy McRae
Steve and Melissa Mistrot
Charles and Lynne Mizerany
Vance and Paula Moody
Todd and Robin Peterson
Susan Schein
Thomas and Kristi Selden
William and Sacha Skinner
Bill and Emmie Smith
Keith and Laura Stansell
Alan and Judy Truitt
John and Jennifer Wallace
Jim and Gwen Williams

($500 – $999)

Cobbs Allen and Hall
Homewood Family and Cosmetic
La Bamba Grill
Livingston Family Gift Fund
Streamline CXO
Swiney & Bellenger
Table Matters/Michael and PatriciaMurray

Bryan and Millie Carr
Joe and Jennifer Chewning
Mike Clements
Brad and Kathy Creed
Eddie and Michelle Crim
Vick and Sonya DiCarlo
Charlie and Beverly Douthit
Jack and Wendy Ellison
Johnny and Betsy Garlington
Grant and Mary Frances Haines
Charles and Carol Hankla
Gina Harris and Cathy Burke
Jimmy and Lisa Harrison
Pete and Pam Holby
Anthony and Cassandra Joseph
Todd and Julie Keith
Christopher and Daley King
Dan and Jennifer Kramer
Bradley and Nancy Lard
Dan and Kelly Lowery
Trent and Josephine Lowery
Jay and Leah Murrill
Byron and Carolyn Nelson
Conrad and Susan Ponder
Trent and Mona Ponder
Carl and Shari Schaefer
Kyle and Barry Smith
Ken and Jennifer Sobaski
Tom and Ivy Spencer
Dean and Tracy Thornton
Clete and Catherine Walker
Ray and Barbara Wheeler
Frank and Lisa Wilson

($100 – 499)

1st nails
Alabama Outdoors
Arthur J Gallagher & Co.
Ferlisi Jolley & Associates
HHS Class of 1994
HHS Class of 2004
Homewood IT/J.R. Robinson Construction
Matilda Jane
Shades Cahaba Sunshine Fund
Shades Cahaba 2nd Grade Class
Southpoint Bank

John and Lindsey Abernathy
Kim Adelberg
Anne Alford
Stephen and Karen Allen
Toren Anderson and Helen Krontiras Anderson
Keith and Jennifer Andress
Ken and Patti Atkinson
Richard and Stephanie Banks
Richard and Roxanne Batson
John Bawden
Tom and Colleen Bedics
Tim and Cindy Bembry
Andrew and Amy Benson
Stanley and Mildred Berryhill
Mike and Mary Bertram
Joseph and Nancy Biggio
Jason and Mary Biggs
Mary Binkley
Whit and Jennifer Bird
Brandon and Katy Bishop
Brandon and Lissa Blankinship
Jay and Julie Brandrup
Delisa Brooks
Malana Bryant
Bill and Ginny Bugg
Shannon Burgess
Tamalyn Butcke
Christy Camp
John and Hope Cannon
Nathan Carlson
Celia Castle
Jennifer Chadha
Patrick Chappell
Nohemi Chavez and Valente Medina
Christine Cheney
David and Cary Cherry
Genie Christian
Geoff Clever
Jennifer Clifton
Jennifer Compere
John and Clara Creel
Christie Crigger
Tony and Betsy Crimi
Michael and Candace Crouch
Eric and Enslen Crowe
Jimi Davis
Jonas and Angela DeAlmeida
Shannon Dennis
Eva Dillard
Jennifer Dominick
Peter and Erin Donohoo
John Dorough
Retha Dorough
Carter and Leslie Doyle
Brian and Carlye Dudgeon
Joey and Carla DuMontier
Susan Edwards
Anthony and Carrie Engle
Linda Erickson
Lane and Rachel Estes
Sheila Ezekiel
Joe and Melanie Falconer
Rosemary and Chip Faust
Louis and Lorraine Feld
Court and Marni Ferderber
Tracy and Nancy Ferren
Deborah Fisher
Thomas and Mary Ben Fitts
Lloyd and Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Matt and Brittany Foley
Abbie Freeman
Michael and Karen Fry
Robert and Susan Gaddis
Ina Michelle Gaither
Doug and Brooke Gann
David and Yvonne Gauntt
Michael and Melanie Geer
Hugh and Ann George
Warren and Jennifer Giardina
Beth Gladney
Marco and Eva Gonzalez
Dave and Susan Gray
Joe and Jane Gribbin
Mark and Kris Griffin
Betty Gunn
Max and Nancy Hale
Paul and Maureen Harbin
John and Ann Hardin
Scott and Janet Harris
Elaine Haskins
Mike and Gail Hathorne
Chris and Carrie Hawkins
Joel Henneke
Paul and Michele Hill
Thomas and Joy Hill
Philip Hodges
Calvin and Vivian Howard
Doug and Beth Hubrich
Harold and Amy Hudson
Donna Johnson
Herbie and Hannah Johnson
Ken and Alisha Johnson
David Kachelhofer and Anne Wyman Black
Fred and Karen Kapp
Carlton and Tricia Kemper
Stefan Kertesz and Alice Walther
David and Jill Kimbrell
Matthew Kiser
Elizabeth Kvale
Jessica Jane Lamb
Jeff and Dana Langford
Mark Lester and Jeanne Jackson
Brian and Leigh Lewis
Denise Lewis
Jane Lewis
Catherine Lindsey
Kristin Longoria
Jackson and Brandi Lowery
John and Katharyn Lowry
Greg and Barbara Lummis
Kevin Maddox
Susan Mahaffey
Bart and Karen Marcum
Leigh Martin
Julio and Maria Martinez
Wilson and Shelley Matthews
Griffin Mayo
Sean and Mindy McBride
Susan McClusky
Kristie McCullough
Laurence and Jodi McDuff
Mel and Alexa McElroy
Steve McElveen
Marshall and Joan Mezzell
Mark and Paula Midyette
Emily Miller
Kirk and Suzanne Mills
Reggie and Kathryn Mitchell
Johnny and Liz Montgomery
Anna-Marie Moorer
Lisa Mooresmith
Jay and Rhonda Moss
John David Mundt
Burt and Mary Leigh Nabors
Chris and Allison Nanni
Louis and Leann Nequette
Emmy Jane Newman
Viethoa Thuan Nguyen
Ken and Lori Nichols
Matthew and Veronica Oltmanns
Hailey Pepper
Peter and Alli Phelps
Tammy Phillips
John and Liz Pittman
Brent and Sandi Ponce
John and Amy Poole
Jim and Chi Ranieri
Jack and Carol Reamey
Lori Renkl
James and Linda Richey
Robert and Jennifer Robertson
Michael and Katherine Rohdy
Jon and Ginny Rutledge
Joe and Hallett Ruzic
Steffanie Sabbaj
Kyle and Caroline Sain
Becky Salls
Trey and Kim Schaefer
Wade and Louise Sellers
Jim and Gretchen Sexton
Todd and Patie Sitton
Craig and Paula Smalley
Desiree Smith
Kathy Smith
Katie Smith
Rebecca Smith
Shea Smith
Tobie and Katie Smith
Dale and Lori Snodgrass
Elaine Snow
Brian and Meg Stana
Matt and Aimee Stephens
Tim and Tammy Stone
Eric and Deanna Swope
Brian and Lauren Tanner
Melody Teel
James and Julie Terrell
Jason and Heidi Teter
Wesley Thornton
Laura Thuirer
Brock and Cia Tompkins
Lisa Vickery
Melissa and Adam Vines
Forrest and Mendy Walden
Katherine Wallace
Michael and Holly Waller
James Ward
Tyler and Jana Watts
Bill and Jeanne Wear
Mitchell Whaley and Garland Youngblood
Ethan and Kathy White
Brian Whitley and Kathleen Kellenberger
Kristin Williams
Parham and Donna Williams
Stevan and Nan Williams
Jay and Teresa Wilson
Joe and Melisa Wilson
Merrick Wilson
Betty Winches
Peter and Andrea Winslett
Brad and Mary Charles Wood
Allison Woods
David and Becky Wooldridge
Lane and Cherokee Wooley
Peter and Katie Wright
Alex and Megan Wyatt
Bayless and Kim Ydel

($50 – $99)

John and Michele Alfano
Suzanne Ashe
Amy Bailey
Sanjib Banarjee
Amanda Bates
Antonio and Clarissa Baylon
Matt and Kimberly Beam
Lori Beasley
Marc and Emily Beaumont
Alan and Raegan Bellenger
Jeremy and Julia Bernstein
Neal and Anne Berte
Kenya Bledsoe
Austin Bonds
Matt and Kimberly Boone
Dayna Neece Borden
Justin Bowlby
Chris Boyce and Jennifer Boyce-Sauer
Jamie Brabston
Stephanie Brant
William and Marcie Braswell
Dave and Mary Browning
Mimi Harmon Brunson
Jason and Alison Bunn
Mark Busbee
Walter and Melissa Butler
Ashley Caffey
Michelle Calvert
Justin Cannady
Dyer and Ronda Carlisle
Debbie Chancellor
Jack and Lesa Clark
Marcus and Kiana Coleman
Tracy Colley
Connie Collins
Ingrid Cook
Chad and Michele Cooley
Eddie Lee Cunningham
Katherine Davis
Valarie Davis
Ratendra Dhumal
Marion Dill
Glenn and Margaret DiNella
Shannon Dodd
Rachael Dollins
Gene and Claire Donaldson
Paul and Amanda Dorsey
Ashley and Tracey Doyal
Casey and Marti Dunn
Kristi Dutton
Michael and Laura Eanes
Chris and Beth Eidson
Stacee Fairley
Jana Flinkow
Michael and Alisa Foley
Matthew and Jennifer Foster
Bob and Martha Fowlkes
Brent and Stephanie Fuhrman
Jim and Millie Gardner
Dan and Carolyn Garrity
Charles and Donna Gaston
Angela Gerontakis
Greg and Peggy Gilbert
Shellie Goree
Jeff and Tina Gray
Randy and Alison Griggs
Lora Graaf Haghighi
Thomas and Jennie Hale
Ed and Paula Harris
Wade and Melinda Harrison
Patrick and Leslie Harwell
Courtney Heath
Bill and Ellen Helf
Duke and Kristy Hinds
Kendall Hornady
Robert and Ransiya Hubbard
David and Ann Hunt
Gary and Madeline Isenhower
Neal and Jen Jackson
Latta and Kristen Johnston
Sara Jones
Laura Kapp
Virginia Keith
Jason and Libby Kellen
Carnetta Kennedy
Kyle Kirkwood
Anna Kittinger
Linda Klopack
John Knight
Molly Knudsen
Brandi Koonce
Andrea Krueger
Louise Liew
Lisa Littlejohn
David and Allison Litton
Lisa Lorino
Brad Lowe
Jason and Kerri Malone
Lesa Manzella
Chuck and Ellen Maple
Tyler Martin
Christi Martin
Ross McCain
Vickie McCarthy
Andrea McCormack
Carolyn McDonald
Chandler and Kristen McGarrah
Rick and Lori McManus
William Middleton
Georgia Miller
Steven and Julie Mizerany
Samuel Mooney
Katherine Moore
Christine Morman
William Morthland
Jennifer Morthland
Briana Morton
Daniel and Carolyn Murray
Michelle Myers
Howie and Debra Myers
Mitch and Donna Nelson
William and Cindy Newton
Thom Chi Nguyen
Viet Nguyen and Hien Le
Gary and DeAnna Owen
Larry Owen and Debbie Sarris
Paul and Catherine Owen
Martha Parker
Lee and Brandi Patterson
Ron and Jill Pence
Delaine Ragland
Kelly Reaves
Fred and Kristi Renneker
Scott Rezek
Lea Richmond
Ben and Haden Ridlehoover
Robert and Lindsay Ring
Jay and Niva Roberson
Lauren Roberts
Jeff and Mary Robinson
David and Shana Sanders
James and Ryan Self
Maggie Serota
John and Sonya Shacka
Gary and Rebecca Sheffer
Tom Shufflebarger
Glenn Smith
Beth Steed
Lorraine Stone
Marie Stonewall
Chris Story
Joseph and Corinne Szafran
Leslie Tanner
Robert and Klari Tedrow
Mary Thomas
Nona Thomas
Ben and Donna Traylor
Shannon Tyndall
Kimberly Virciglio
Jovanka Ward
Megan Werner
Stephanie Whitaker
Julie White
Cindy Williams
Miles and Tara Williams
Stephanie Williams
David Williamson
Seth Wolnek and Michelle Bearman-Wolnek
Christin York

($49 and below)


Kamal Abdulazeez
Clyde and Shannan Adkins
Jasmine Agnew
Jimicka Alexander
Bert and Judy Allen
Jack Allison
Lisa Allison
Benigno Alvarado
Bill and Suzanne Andrews
David Armistead
Gail Arrow
Herlindo Arteaga
Tom Atkins
Chris and Jessica Atkinson
Dan and Robyn Aycock
Fred and Diane Azbik
Angie Bagwell
Iain and Sheri Bagwell
Shawn Barakat
Elias Barco
Shahram Basirat
Mark and Lori Bateman
Bill and Laura Bawcum
Raul Baylon
Brad and Heidi Beasley
Jean Beasley
John and Beth Beaube
Kathryn Beckham
Hue and Jane Bell
Jon and Ashley Berkery
Qi Bian
Tom and Kimberlee Blake
Michael and Lori Blanton
Timothy and Sheila Bledsoe
Steve and Beth Blomeley
Christiano and Luciana Boneti
Lakesha Bowens
Lance and Lanie Bowlin
Debra Bowman
Amy Boyd
Gary Boyd
Kent and Katherine Boyd
Jo Ellen Brown
Robyn Brown
Donna Bryant
Steve Brown
David and Cynthia Bryant
Ashley Bryson
Brannon and Mollie Buck
Ashley Burdette
Dale and Ginger Busby
Greg and Kristin Cabe
Jill Callaham
Julie Callaway
Richard Calvert
Robert Campbell
Charles Carlton
Catherine Carr
Jennifer Cassity
Jose H. Castillo
Fran Chaiprakob
Tom and Heather Champagne
Leah Chancellor
Chris and LaVon Chaney
Bain and Corinne Chapman
Winn Chatham
Jason Cheek
Jon Chesser
Marshal Chicnes
Tyler and Eleanor Christiansen
Rhona Clark
Gina Clay
Reid Cloud
Terrance Cobb
Jeremy and April Coffey
Jim and Lynne Coker
Mary Jane Coker
Ro and Teresa Cole
Rodrina Coleman
Kineshia Collins
Steve and Robin Colter
Chris and Karen Cooper
Eddie and Dora Cothren
Theresa Cottrell
Rebecca Cox
Gregorio Cruz Coyoy
Paul and Emily Crawford
Brunetta Crittenden
Randy and Cathy Crittenden
Jeff and Holly Cross
Michael and Jennifer Crump
Roberto Cruz
Dawn Curtis
Kristin Cutrell
John and Kay Dantzler
Robert and Leonora Davis
Mike and Carol DeCastra
Paul and Jacqueline DeMarco
Frank and Alana Dominick
Steve and Carol Donaldson
Jay and Holly Doyal
Mark Dransfield
Cherrie Duhon
Jeff Dungan
Chris and Leslie Dupont
Alex and Caroline Durena
Jeana Durst
Katherine Dyer
Neal Eggers
Daniel and Cristina Elliott
Shirley Ellison
Ramy Elmasry
Brenen and Kathryn Ely
Brian and Mollie Erickson
Tom and Amanda Esslinger
Bret and Julie Estep
Daniel and Kristen Evans
Jayna Farrar
Stan and Paula Farrell
Dani Felty
Elizabeth Fernandez
Dylan Ferniany
LaShaundra Fields
Carlos and Karla Figueroa Orduno
James and Veleka Finch
Jim and Kelley Finley
Robert and Donna Firnberg
Joshua and Jenny Firth
Mike and Laura Fisher
Virginia Floyd
Bonnie Ford
Steven and Donna Fortson
Brannon and Holly Foster
Eric and Kathy Fournier
Jeffrey and Catherine Fowler
Tara Freeburg
Kathy Gaddis
Lindsey Galafassi
James and Melissa Galbraith
Randy and Celina Garcia
Randy and Shay Gartman
Dwight Garvin
Robbie and Brook Gibbons
Wes and Inge Gilchrist
Carole Glenn
Paul and Julia Gohlke
Dennis and Diane Goldsmith
Thomas and Shannon Goodwin
Douglas and Michelle Grabarczyk
Treva Graham
Ted and Lori Graphos
Merin Graves
Sara Gray and Paul Bryant
Suzanne Gray
Mitchell and Erin Greggs
Pamela Grier
Brent and Robin Griffis
Laura Groves
Deidre Gunn
Pheobia Hall
Michael and Jennifer Harden
Lynn Hardin
Tom and Kathryn Harris
Lawrence Harrison
Brian and Sarah Hart
Rory and Teresa Hartley
Jennifer Harvey
Clay and Frannie Hassett
David and Shannon Haywood
Karen Hennecy
Russell and Lisbeth Hepp
David Hernandez
Juan Hernandez
John and Kimmetha Herndon
Alison Hill
Meredith Hillyer
Preston and Janelle Hite
Amy Holditch
Chris and Michelle Holland
Graham and Sally Holmes
Wynton and Kimberly Hoover
Randolph and Frannie Horn
Sherry Howard
Lynn Howland
Kenia Humphrey
Natalie Hunget
Tim Hurry
Joe and Shannon Hutchings
David and Kursten Hutto
Daniel and Jessica Inboden
Phillip and Ellen Irvine
Melissa Isbell
Bill and Leigh Jacka
Doug and Melissa Jackson
Roy Jackson
Todd and Kallie Jackson
Scott and Lisa Jenkins
Ashley Jennings
Bobby and Kassie Johnson
DeShaundra Johnson
Jerris and Heather Johnson
Sheddreia Johnson
Joe Johnston
Wei Johnston
Michael and Sherri Johnstone
Josh and Wynn Jones
Robert and Lisa Jones
Gabriel Judd
Suzanne Judd
Janusz Kabarowska and Jamie White
Joshua Karanja and Jacinta Kamau
Mike and Julie Kash
Carolyn Keeney
Peter and Ingrid Kellen
Kipp and Shanon Keown
Brian and Danna King
Ken and Katie Kirk
Cass Klimcak
Faustina Korley
Phillip and Kimberly Kretzer
Patrick and Jane Lamb
Rob and Martha Lamberth
Patricia Lamon
Keely Lancaster
Brett and Liz Landgren
Joanna Laney
Nikki Lapinsky
Freddy Lawrence
Michel and Christine Le
Phong Le
Doug and Jennifer Lee
Jason and Elizabeth Lee
Dana and Mike Levering
Mike and Christine Lewter
Jixue and Yanjie Li
Mark and Patricia Limbaugh
Matt and Noelle Limbaugh
Nakia Linson-Gaddis
Keat Litton
Lauren Livingston
Dan and Kristi Logan
Samer and Suzanne Loulou
Jim and Rosemary Mabry
Matthew Macke
Franklin Majors
Paul and Krissy Malek
Penny Malone
Stephen and Miyuki Marriott
Brad and Suzanne Martenson
Joseph Martin
Lindsey Martin
Mike Martin
Porter Mason
Miguel Masquez
Tom and Meegan Maxwell
David Mayer
Tricia McCain
Charles and LeeAnne McCalley
Alan McCool
Brent McCormick
Larry and Jen McCraw
Kornelia McDaniel
Emily McGehee
Theresa McKibben
Bryan McLean
Glenda McNeal
T and Judy Merrell
Branden and Elizabeth Metge
Misty Midgett
Amy Milam
Crawford and Marcy Miller
John and Shannon Millhouse
Todd and Stacy Miner
Amy Mitchell
Jay and Elizabeth Mitchell
Kyle Mitchell
Nilesha Moore
Karlin Morris
Beth Morrison
Jeff Moss
Marc and Susie Mullins
Stephen and Donna Mulvihill
Jon and Reba Myer
Teri Nash
Sam Nasser
Mike and Jennifer Neff
Andrew Nelson
Khoa Nguyen and Hang Le
Barbara Nichols
Michael Njuki and Anne Njuguna
Jonathan and Kathy Nugent
Elena Nunez-Flores
Louis Ochoa
Christopher and Lavita Oliver
Eloy Olvera and Florencia Saavedra
James and Traci Owen
Scott and Cynthia Padgett
Jennifer Page
Steven and Cynthia Parris
Brad and Amber Parsons
John and Sheila Patterson
Tish Patton
Dan and Danza Paulovich
Jonathan and Kathryn Pennington
William Perez
Charles and Abby Perlis
Matthew and Elizabeth Peters
Jane Petras
Jennifer Phillips
Rebecca Phillips
Jemeela Pickens
Derrick and Mandy Pierce
Welles and Sherry Pigford
Bobby Lee and Julie Pitts
Brian and Tina Platt
Kathryn Potts
Elaine Powell
Lucas Pozzo-Miller and Karina Ricart
Tommy and Cindy Prewitt
Dominique Prince
Tim and Diana Prutzman
Brian and Ashley Przybysz
Scott and Margaret Ann Pyburn
Karen Rankin
Jennifer Reardon
Laura Reeves
Christopher and Julie Reynolds
David and Deatrious Rhynes
Gray Richardson
LaShaundra Richardson
Demetrice and Shonda Richey
John and Erika Rinker
Jennifer Roberts
Mike and Joyce Roberts
Victor Rojas
Chris Roney
Melinda Rouleau
Mike and Michelle Rose
Derrick and Anita Ross
Chris and Beth Rowell
Paul Rukwaro
Dean Sanders
Scott and Ginny Schablow
Rita Schell
Eric and Theresa Schiller
Nancy Scruggs
Katri Selander
David and Jeanne Shaw
Vincent Simmons
Holly Simpson
Patrick and Kim Skelton
Perry and Emily Skelton
Christen Sloderbeck
Jay Smith
Matt and Katie Smith
Rebekah Smith
Matthew and Amy Snow
Clint and Kari Spears
Allison Steed
Jeramy Stephens
Erin Stephenson
Jordan Sterley
Elizabeth Stewart
Derek and Heather Stignani
Chad and Julie Stogner
Jeff Stone
Andrew and McNeill Strang
Chris and Melinda Strickland
Jeaneane Strickland
James and Marie Sutton
Scott and Susan Sutton
Julie Tapscott
Roy and Laura Tate
Amber Taylor
Benjamin Taylor and Beth Maliza
Brian and Caroline Taylor
Amanda Thames
Mike Theus
Brett and Lisa Thomas
Frank and Tami Thomas
David and Tina Thompson
Stephen and Tracy Thompson
Angel Torres
David Treadwell
James and Sonja Truesdell
Cassandra Turner
Emily Tuttle-Shell
Paul Tybor and Patricia Drentea
Phil and Elizabeth Vander Kamp
Jose Luis Vazquez and Olga Perez
Jamey Vella
Miguel Villagomez and Carlota Martinez
Bryant and Holli Vincent
Daniel Vines and Natalia Ortiz
Billy and Danielle Wade
Michael and Mary Beth Wagner
Barr and Cherry Wagstaff
Kevin and Michelle Wales
Elizabeth Walker
Brian Wallace
Jianbo Wang
Chris and Catherine Warren
David and Mary Lynn Warren
Jamie and Julie Warren
Jimmy and Carolyn Warren
Larry and Buffy Washington
Jason and Rachel Waters
Chad and Meg Webb
Christa Webb
Kenneth Weinberg and Jennifer Howard
Daniel and Susanna Whitsett
Charley Wiggins
Frank and Caroline Wildman
Robin and Steven Wilhelm
Mitchell and Paige Willcutt
Brady and Laurel Wilson
Jamie Wilson
Philip and Rhonda Wilson
Brett and Cindy Wingo
Jennifer Wolfe
Terry and Cathy Wood
Kathleen Woodruff
James and Tracy Wooten
Shawn and Leigh Wright
Miles Wright
David Yacu
Chris and Kim Yarboro
David Young
Tommy Youngblood
Jennifer Zaher
Xianwen Zhang
Chris and Susan Zuber

Special Thanks

Atomic Pictures – Brian and Suzy Collins
Amy Bickell
Scott Butler
Good People Brewing Company
Kinetic Communications
Michel Le
Little Donkey
Streamline CXO 

Honorarium and Memorial Gifts

In Honor Of:

In honor of Jay Berryhill – Stanley and Mildred Berryhill
In honor of John Patrick Bodnar -The Bodnar Foundation
In honor of Maria Burczyk – Rebecca Smith
In honor of Carlye Dudgeon – Mimi Harmon Brunson, Carlton and Tricia Kemper, and Samuel and Lyndsey Mooney
In honor of John Lowry, Linda Erickson, Betsy Hughes and Karen Baggett – Shades Cahaba Elementary Sunshine Fund
In honor or HHS Faculty and Staff – The Gaddis Family
In honor of HHS Volunteers – Rhonda Moss
In honor or HMS Faculty and Staff – The Gaddis Family
In honor of Homewood Praying Moms – Rhonda Moss
In honor of Louisa Jeffries – Mimi Harmon Brunson. Carlton and Tricia Kemper, Trent and Mona Ponder, David and Jeanne Shaw, and Miles and Tara Williams
In honor of Laura Kapp – Fred and Karen Kapp
In honor of Paul McCain – Ross McCain
In honor of Theresa McKibben – Retha Dorough
In honor of Beth Morrison – Her 2nd grade class – Shades Cahaba Elementary
In honor of Mary Scott Pearson – Rebecca Smith
In honor of Trent Ponder – Joe and Jane Gribbin, and Conrad and Susan Ponder

In Memory Of:

In Memory of Gene Burton – Calvin and Vivian Howard
In memory of Alan Perlis – David and Becky Wooldridge
In memory of Lonnie Schein – Susan Schein
In memory of Edna Snow – Dyer and Ronda Carlisle, Friends at the Homewood Board of Education, and Byron and Carolyn Nelson
In Memory of Bo Speer – Dyer and Ronda Carlisle

Grandpals Club

In honor of Kaylie Butler – Walter and Melissa Butler
In honor of Mallory, Charley, Hadley and Sloan Chewning – Charles and Carol Hankla
In honor of Lane Crowe – Rob and Martha Lamberth
In honor of Jackson Fisher – Deborah Fisher
In honor of Jack and Mallie Geer – Thomas and Joy Hill
In honor of Sophia Perez – Steve McElveen
In honor of Dante Torres – Bill and Jeanne Wear
In honor of David & Brooke Walden – Richard and Marjean Brooks
In honor of Lucy Parker Wallace – Greg and Peggy Gilbert

Faculty and Staff Donors

Alexander, Jimicka
Alford, Anne
Barnes, Zachary
Bates, Amanda
Beasley, Lori
Binkley, Mary
Bledsoe, Kenya
Bonds, Austin
Borden, Dayna Neece
Bowens, Lakesha
Bowlby, Justin
Bowman, Debra
Brant, Stephanie
Brooks, Delisa
Brown, Robyn
Bryant, Donna
Burgess, Shannon
Butcke, Tamalyn
Caffey, Ashley
Cannady, Justin
Carlson, Nathan
Castle, Celia
Chancellor, Debbie
Chancellor, Leah
Chappell, Patrick
Cheney, Christine
Christian, Genie
Clements, Mike
Cleveland, Bill
Clifton, Jennifer
Cobb, Terrance
Colley, Tracy
Collins, Connie
Compere, Jennifer
Cook, Lindsay
Crimi, Betsy
Crigger, Christie
Cunningham, Eddie Lee
Dameron Vines, Melissa
Davis, Katherine
Davis, Valarie
Dennis, Shannon
Dodd, Shannon
Dorough, John
Doyle, Carter
Dutton, Kristi
Dyer, Katherine
Edwards, Susan
Erickson, Linda
Ezekiel, Sheila
Fairley, Stacee
Felty, Dani
Flinkow, Jana
Freeman, Abbie
Gaither, Ina Michelle
Galafassi, Lindsay
Gann, Doug
Gerontakis, Angela
Gibbons, Robbie
Gladney, Beth
Goree, Shellie
Graham, Treva
Grier, Pamela
Groves, Laura
Haghighi, Lora
Harbin, Paul
Hardin, Lynn
Harvey, Jennifer
Haskins, Elaine
Helf, Ellen
Henneke, Joel
Hill, Alison
Hornady, Kendall
Hunget, Natalie
Jackson, Roy
Johnson, DeShaundra
Johnston, Latta
Jones, Sara
Kapp, Laura
Keeney, Carolyn
Keith, Virginia
Kennedy, Carnetta
Kiser, Matthew
Klopack, Linda
Knudsen, Molly
Krueger, Andrea
Lawrence II, Freddy B
Lewis, Denise
Lewis, Jane
Littlejohn, Lisa
Litton, David
Lorino, Lisa
Lowry, John
Maddox, Kevin
Mahaffey, Susan
Martin, Christi
Martin, Leigh
Martin, Lindsey
Martin, Tyler
McCarthy, Vickie
McClusky, Susan
McDaniel, Kornelia
McDonald, Carolyn
McKibben, Theresa
McNeal, Glenda
Miller, Emily
Miller, Georgia
Moore, Katherine
Mooresmith, Lisa
Morman, Christine
Morris, Karlin
Morrison, Beth
Morton, Brianna
Moss, Rhonda
Mundt, John
Myers, Michelle
Nash, Teri
Parker, Martha
Pepper, Hailey
Petras, Jane
Phelps, Allison
Phillips, Jennifer
Phillips, Rebecca
Potts, Kathryn
Prince, Dominique
Ragland, Delaine
Reaves, Kelly
Richardson, LaShaundra
Rouleau, Melinda
Salls, Becky
Schell, Rita
Scruggs, Nancy
Serota, Maggie
Simmons, Vincent
Sloderbeck, Christen
Smith, Desiree
Smith, Rebecca
Smith, Shea
Snow, Elaine
Sterley, Jordan
Stewart, Elizabeth
Stone, Lorraine
Stonewall, Marie
Swope, Deanna
Swope, Eric
Tanner, Leslie
Thomas, Mary
Thomas, Nona
Thuirer, Laura
Turner, Cassandra
Vickery, Lisa
Virciglio, Kimberly
Walker, Elizabeth
Wallace, Katherine
Ward, Jovanka
Watts, Jana
Webb, Christa
Werner, Megan
Williams, Stephanie
Wilson, Jamie
Wilson, Merrick
Winches, Betty
Woods, Allison
York, Christin

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