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School System Initiatives

Thanks to our generous donors, the Foundation continues to fund an annual school system initiative to support innovation and new technology is our classrooms.

This year, we funded 13 E-beam Edge+ technology systems. These interactive whiteboards are being piloted in classrooms in all five schools. The technology is unique because it can turn almost any flat service into an interactive screen.

In 2015, the Foundation funded 36 projectors for classrooms throughout our school system. This technology upgrade provides teachers with the latest technology to make classroom instruction more efficient and effective. With this purchase, the system was able to achieve its replacement plan for projectors for 2014-15 at 100%.

Other system initiatives that the Foundation has funded include Chromebooks for Homewood Middle School in 2014, technology, educational resources for all five school libraries in 2013  and iPads for each school in our system in 2012.