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The Homewood City Schools Foundation, working with private donors, offers two scholarships for Homewood High School seniors. Applications are available through Homewood High School.

The Jodi Newton Scholarship

1924945_10202939278517240_702535071_n-376x249The Dr. Jodi Newton Scholarship was established in 2008 by the Homewood City Schools Foundation and the Homewood Board of Education to honor former Superintendent Dr. Jodi Newton.

This $1,000 scholarship, which is funded by the Foundation and its generous donors, is awarded annually to a Homewood High School senior who best exemplifies the qualities of Dr. Newton. The scholarship winner is selected based on leadership skills, service to school and community and strong character.

The Caitlin Creed Character Award

This award was created in memory of Caitlin Creed, a Homewood High School cheerleader, by the cheerleading sponsors, Holly Drake and Maggie Stoffregen. The award recognizes a high school senior who exemplifies good character and serves as a leader among the school’s cheerleading squad. After the award was established, Brad and Kathy Creed, Caitlin’s parents, created a scholarship for the award recipient. The scholarship amount is $1,000.00 and is awarded to the Caitlin Creed Character Award recipient in the spring.