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Past Grant Recipients

Showcase 2011 4Building Minds, Building Dreams

Every year, the Foundation accepts applications for its grant program.

Teachers from every school in our system submit proposals for classroom projects that they feel will elevate the level of learning for their students. Grants are awarded in the spring and fall.

Here is a list of the grants that we have funded in the past few years:

Fall, 2015

Primary Comprehension Toolkits – Dominique Prince (HKE), Angela Gerontakis (EE) and Ellen Helf (SCE)

Going Beyond the Screen – Laura Ann Mims, Linda Klopack, Leigh Martin, Molly Sellers, Stephanie Williams (HKE)

Get Hooked with a Book – Amy Jackson (HMS)

Breaking Down Barriers with Books – Amy Jackson (HMS)

Seed to Plate: Growing Learners and Harvesting Success – Briana Morton (Family Consumer Sciences) and Molly Knudsen (8th Grade Science) – (HMS)

Enhancing Classroom Instruction in Eighth Grade Algebra through the Use of Graphing Calculators – Kevin Hughes, Mary McLeod, Laura Thuirer (HMS)

Hydroponic Window Gardening – Mary Binkley and Georgia Miller (HMS)

SYNERGY – Therapeutic Drum Circle – Chris Cooper and Elizabeth Stewart (HMS)

The Physics of Art – Will Alexander (HHS)

Developing a Sound Foundation in Personal Finance – Rhonda Rush, Rick Baguley and Chet Walker (HHS)

Funding Forensics – Jami Wilson (HHS)

Microcontroller and Electronics Intro – Matthew Hardman (HHS)

Reviving the Menagerie – Melissa Dameron-Vines, Amy Marchino and Carolyn McDonald (HHS)

Visible Human Anatomy – Josh Donaldson and Mindy McBride (HHS)

Is a Picture Worth 1,000 Words? – Doug Welle (HHS)

Spring, 2015

36 Projectors for classrooms throughout our school system

Eliminating Summer Reading Slump for Struggling Readers – Angela Gerontakis and Fran Woodruff (EE)

Enhancing the Reading Curriculum: Developing an Instructional Plan for Skill and Strategy Study
Fourth Grade Teachers – Emily Blackstock, Jessica Cannady, Towns Carlson, Jenna Gantt and Aleanna Morton-Young (EE)

Text Complexity: Reading into the 21st Century – Ellen Helf (SCE), Angela Gerontakis (EE), Dominique Prince (HKE)

Hall-Kent Reading Rocks – Abbie Freeman, Kiana Coleman, Emily Strickland, Dominique Prince, Abby Becker, Barbara Jane Ellenburg, Vickie McCarthy and Maggie Serota (HKE)

Reading Revisited: Teaching and Assessing for All Students – Barbara Jane Ellenburg, Jill Walden, Kati Hale and Leah Chancellor (HKE)

Writing from Sources – Kiana Coleman (HKE)

Building a Foundation: Numerical Reasoning and Mathematical Best Practices  –
Sponsored by Trust Building Service
Jennifer Cassity, Ami Letson, Betsy Crimi, Emily Dunleavy, DeLaine Ragland, Rebecca Smith, Cambre Greene, Angela Gerontakis, Andrea Krueger, Michelle Gaither, Laura Kapp, Tyler Martin, Schnertyll Hollings, Marie Pruett, Jill Coleman, Brooke Braswell, Katherine Thomas, Katherine Davis, Kati Hale, Elizabeth McKinley, Elizabeth Pruitt, Stacie Brook, Abby Becker and Nancy Scruggs

Shades Cahaba Makerspace sponsored by the Alabama Power FoundationEmily Miller (SCE)

6th Grade Math Team Camp – Amy Hacker, Mary McLeod and Jordan Sterley (HMS)

Bringing HMS Science into the Next Generation – Erin Klotz, Mary Binkley, Melanie Drummond, Susan Edwards, Molly Knudsen (HMS)

Heritage Panel Program – Michelle Jones, Erin Meacham and Elizabeth Pipkin (HMS)

Jumpstart Summer Camp – Sally Bryan and Andrea Wade (HMS)

Prepping Patriots: A Program to Help At-Risk Students Successfully Transition to HMS – Jimmie Pearson, Luther Bivens, April Coffey, Matt Kiser (HMS)

Scholastic Math – Tracy Colley and Amy Hacker (HMS)

Seed to Plate: Growing Learners and Harvesting Success – Briana Morton (Family Consumer Sciences) and Molly Knudsen (8th Grade Science) (HMS)

Advanced Placement Pre-Season Summer Workout – Latta Johnston, Mindy McBride, Christie Morman, Michele Cooley, Nivada Spurlock and Alison Hill (HHS)

Individualized Math Insights – 9th Grade Math Teachers – Lars Porter, Jennifer Miller, Kathleen Keel and Katelyn Collins (HHS)

Library Upgrade – Jana Watts, Alison Hill (HHS)


120 Chromebooks to Homewood Middle School 

Math + Meaningful Instruction = Maximum Success – First Grade Teachers – Carrie Baguley, Ashley Caffey, Detra Gilliam, Susan Hanson, Kristen Hardson, Brittany Lowry, Ashley McCullars (EE)

Advanced Google Apps for Education Training – Fifth Grade TeachersColby Bradford, Lindsay Cook, Lora Graaf, Lindsay Martin, Elizabeth Walker (EE)

Summer Academy – Technology Specialists at all five schools – Teri Nash (HHS), Pam White (HMS), Becky Salls (HKE), Lynn Dorough (EE), Emily Miller (SCE)

Flipping Out with Reading – Second Grade Teachers – Amy Anderson, Laura Groves, Jerome Isley, Elizabeth Pruitt, Faith Whitlock (HK)

Progressing in Project-Based Learning – Fifth Grade Teachers –Shellie Goree, Ashley Chance, Beth McKinley and Katie Jordan (HK)

Taking Aim: Aligning First Grade Learning Targets with Quality Assessments – First Grade Teachers – Barbara Jane Ellenburg, Linda Klopack, Leigh Martin, Stephanie Williams, Mollie Sellers (HK)

Success is the Standard – Fourth Grade Teachers – Leah Chancellor, Kati Hale, Vickie McCarthy, Dana McSorley (HK)

BookFlix – Emily Miller, Ellen Helf and Beth Gladney (SCE)

Rise and Run Summer Math Camp – Sally Bryan, Special Education (HMS)

Seed to Plate– Briana Morton (Family Consumer Sciences) and Molly Knudsen (8th Grade Science) (HMS)

STEM Education – Mary Binkley, Erin Klotz, Melanie Drummond, Susan Edwards, Molly Knudsen, Laura Thurier, David Mundt, Mary McLeod, Jordan Sterley, Amanda Bates, Taylor Alling, Andrea Nichols (HMS)

Spanish Class Curriculum – Claudia Sale-Casalino (HMS), Janira Santiago & Julian Kersh (HHS)

HHS Writing Center Training – Melissa Dameron-Vines, Karli Morris, Jana Watts, Michele Cooley, Linda Delahay (HHS)

Individualized Math Insights – Ninth Grade Math Teachers – Kimberly Jones, Jennifer Miller, Lars Porter, Lana Wakefield (HHS)

Inquiring Minds – Emily Menard, Matt McCollum (HHS)

START HomewoodAmanda Esslinger, Elaine Haskins (HHS)


Flipping for Flipcharts: The Sequel – Donna Bryant, Katy Childers, Jill Coleman, Shae Harrell, Andrea Krueger, Doris Sankey, Mary Thomas and Kim Virciglio  (EE)

The Best I Can Be – Celia Castle, Virginia Keith, Dawn Wolfe and Fran Woodruff (EE)

Third Grade Collaboration Grant – All HCS third grade teachers: Lauren Bowers, Janet Ford, Lydia Jost, Cathy Lee, Kristin McCain, Julie Parker, Jennifer Clifton, Katherine Davis, Janice McCoy, Maggie Serota, Jill Walden, Emily Colon, Lisa Lorino, Delaine Ragland, Yadelis Robayna and Sonja Truesdell

iDevise with iDevices – Jennifer Clifton (3rd), Leah Chancellor (4th), Katherine Davis (3rd), Shelie Goree (5th) and Kati Hale (4th) (HK)

Making Connections with PBL – Jill Walden, Erika Raper, Alyssa Briggs, Kati Hale, Shelie Goree, Ashley Chance, Beth White and Lisa Littlejohn (HK)

The Gift of World Peace – DeShaundra Johnson, Enrichment (SCE)

Planning for Success – Betsy Crimi, Kim Jones, Lisa Mooresmith, Megan Werner and Allison Woods (SCE)

Greek Fest – Jana Flinkow, Laura Maddox, Jake Collins, Whitney Stewart, Lars Porter and Eric Swope (HMS)

Inquiry Based Science – Melanie Drummond and Erin Klotz (HMS)

Rise and Run Summer Math Camp – Sally Bryan (HMS)

Winning Writing: Preparing College and Career Ready Writers – Austin Bonds (7th), Michele Cooley (8th), Linda Erickson, Dylan Ferniany (Enrichment), Lisa Gaines (7th) and Shea Smith (6th) (HMS)

Bringing High School Science Labs Into the Future – Emily Menard, Matt McCollum, Kelly Reaves, Melonie McBrayer, Jami Wilson, Tiffany Pappas, Lynn Hardin, Josh Donaldson, Mindy McBride, Kelly Roth, Elizabeth Metge and Laura Burke (HHS)

Homewood High School Summer Tech Camp – Teri Varnado (Technology) and Megan Williams (Social Studies) (HHS)

Individualized Math Insights Stacee Fairley, Kimberly Jones and Lana Wakefield (HHS)


iPads – 22 iPads were distributed to each school in the system.

Active Physical Science – Matt McCollum, Austin Phillips, Emily Menard and Jami Wilson (HHS) 

Algebra 1 Boot Camp for Teachers – Laura Thuirer, Whitney Curvin Stewart, April McKinney, and Mary McLeod (HMS)

Classroom Wikis and Google Docs – Emily Menard, Kelly Reaves, Laura Burke, M Williams, Amanda Esslinger, Rhonda Rush, Janira Santiago, C Warren, Lisa Thomas, Tiffany Pappas, R. Singleton, Melinda Rouleau, Lynn Hardin, Kim Gossett, Tim Hurry, Kathy Smith and Jami Wilson (HHS)

Differentiation in the Science Classroom – Mary Binkley, Laura Burke, Molly Knudsen, Erin Klotz, and Emily Menard (HMS)

District Art Teachers Online – Eric Swope, Mary Jane Coker, Kelly Berwager, Celia Castle, Carolyn McDonald and Christie Johnson (all schools)

Do We Have an App for That? – Lydia Jost, Janet Ford, Kathy Lee, Lindsay Martin, Julie Parker, Kristen McCain and Lauren Anglin Bowers (EW)

Exploring Science Through Reading to Increase Comprehension of English Language Learners – Nona Thomas, Alli Phelps, Stacie Brooks, Stefanie Fort, Yadelis Robayna and Katie Moore (EW, HK, SC)

iPads and iTouches for Learning – Schneryll T. Hollins, Brooke Braswell, Marie Pruett, Shannon Burgess and Jamie Wilson (EW)

Leaders in Differentiation – Sherry Putt, Austin Bonds, Erin Klotz, Lisa Gaines, Wanda Adams, Ethan Joy, Dylan Ferniany, Linda Erickson, Mary Binkley, Angela Langston (HMS)

Learning More about the Math Common Core – Kim Gossett, A. Alexander, Josh Britnell, Justin Cannady, Lauren Dark, Holly Drake, Mark Hellmers, Tim Hurry, Doug Goodwin, Kimberly Jones, Melinda Rouleau, Maggie Stoffregen, Lana Wakefield, Catherine Warren (HHS)

Grammar and Writing Revamp – Kati Hale, E. Thomas, Alyssa Briggs, Leah Chancellor, Erika Raper (HK)


9th Grade Advisory – Tyler Burgess, Lisa Thomas, Keith Brown, Katie Smith, Carolyn Rayford, Sean McBride, Laura Burke, Kelly Roth, Amanda Massey, Kimberly Jones, Andrea Alexandra, Megan Kerstiens, Carter Doyle, Elaine Haskins (HHS)

iPad, I Can!  Teaching & Reteaching with Today’s Technologies – Elizabeth Stewart, Ed Larson (HMS & Shades Cahaba)

Project: Math is NOT a Spectator Sport – Mary McLeod (HMS)

Hearing is Learning! – Courtney Jennings, Emily Miller, Laura Hale, Carnetta Kennedy, Jennifer Bauman, Terran Greer, Mary Jane Coker, Hailey Pepper, Stefanie Jenkins  (SC)

Art on Wheels! – Celia Castle, Mary Thomas, Ashley McCullars, Susan Mchaffey, Susan Hanson, Schneryll Hollings, Liz Walker, Fran Woodruff  (Edgewood)                                               

Here We Grow: The Growth Mindset in Action – Gina Dorough, Amy Williams, Katherine Davis, DeShaundra Johnson, Ginger Thuston, Kiana Coleman, & Ashley Chance (Hall-Kent)                   

First Grade Flips for Technology!  – Betsy Crimi, Meredith Bryan, Kim Jones, Ami Letson, Lisa Mooresmith, Megan Werner, Emily Miller (Shades Cahaba)


Operation Owl – SC Wellness Team (SC)

Writing through the Ages – Amy Williams, Kelli Eden, Maggie Serota, Erin Thomas and Lisa Littlejohn (HK)

ACT Prep – Elaine Snow (HHS)

Engineering through Robotics – Pam Yau Smith, Rita Schell and Stefanie Fort (LEAD teachers)

Poetry Academy – Ellen Helf, Lane McGarrah and Hailey Pepper (SC)

Math is not a Spectator Sport – Sherry Putt, Rosa Morton, Angela Mathias and Tracy Colley (HMS)

Strengthening Science and Social Studies through technology – Carrie Baguley; Susanne Church; Detra Gilliam; Kristen Hardison; Ashley McCullars; Mallory Richardson; Halee Wilson (EW)

Engineering through Robotics – Mary Binkley; Lovie Crawford; Karen Narro; Emily Newcomb (HMS/ HHS)


Flipping for Flipcharts– Kindergarten Teachers (Edgewood)

Spiraling Blackboard Assignments– (Edgewood 3rd, 4th, 5th grades)

Scientific Super Sleuths – (Hall Kent LEAD teacher, 4th and 5th grade teams)

Rick Shelton – Writing Coach – 7th grade Language Arts teachers (HMS)

TEAM- Homewood – Leadership Training-  Girls Athletics for HHS and HMS

Gaming in the School Library:  Curriculum Aligned and Still Fun – (HMS and HHS Media Specialists)

It’s Greek to Me – 8th grade teachers (HMS)

SEAL (Students : Engaged, Assessing, Learning) – 7th grade math teachers (HMS)


Inquiry Based Science- Mary Binkley, Jessica Bryant, Kim Lewis, Melanie Nemeth, Terry Kimbrell, Merrill Gardner (HMS Science Teachers) – Hands on learning modules for science, professional development, implementation

Freshman Foundation for the Future – Melissa McEwen, and 9th grade teachers (HHS)- 9th grade study strategies curriculum planning, professional development, and  implementation.


PASCO – (Hall Kent, Edgewood, Shades Cahaba Elementary schools) LEAD teachers- grades K-5th Math/Science/Technology connection

ACT/SAT Test Prep Class – (HHS)

MARCH 8th grade Service Learning – (HMS) 8th grade teachers.