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Spring Grants 2016

Congratulations to our Spring 2016 Grant Recipients!

Edgewood ElementaryIMG_1064

No More Pencil and Paper for Me

Susan Hanson, Carrie Bagueley, Lauren Bowers, Susanne Church, Detra Gilliam, Virginia Keith and Ashley McCullars

This grant will provide a set of Versa-Tiles for each 1st grade classroom. Students will be able to use these math and language arts manipulatives for their daily practice of basic skills, in an engaging non-pencil/paper method.

Edgewood’s Summer Reading ‘Book’ Camp
Laura Tate, Angela Gerontakis and Fran Woodruff

For the second year, the Foundation will help support a summer reading program at Edgewood Elementary. This program is designed to help struggling readers maintain and improve reading skills during the summer months. Students will receive books and journals in which they can write about what they are reading. The school will host both an Edgewood night at the Homewood Public Library and a mid-summer event where students can exchange books and parents can learn ways to help their children with reading.

FUSION: An Integration of Science and Literacy
Laura Tate and Angela Gerontakis

In an effort to integrate science and literacy standards, Edgewood Elementary is creating a collection of grade-level science texts for students in kindergarten through 3rd grade. These books, carefully chosen by reading level, will help students understand difficult science concepts. By combining literacy skills and science skills at this age, students will become proficient at analyzing and understand complicated texts.

Fostering Literate Fourth Grade Scientists: Integrating the CCSS* and NGSS**
Emily Blackstock, Jenna Gannt, Towns Carlson, Shereen Glover, Amy Roebuck and Laura Kapp

The fourth grade teachers are working on new ways to integrate their science and literacy units so that students are more comfortable reading and analyzing non-fiction books. This grant will provide planning time for the teachers as well as a professional text to help them prepare for this new way of teaching.

* Common Core State Standards
** Next Generation Science Standards

Hall-Kent Elementary

Junior Patriot News
Maggie Serota, Sara Tumlin and Becky SallsIMG_0634

This grant will provide funding for “Junior Patriot News,” a broadcast news program that will be implemented during Hall-Kent’s Club Day as well as in classrooms. Students will engage in script-writing, interviewing, reporting, editing and producing. This grant will fund the equipment needed to record the news stories.

iLearn Through Osmo: Integrating Science and Technology for Student-Centered Learning
Brittany Allen, Stephanie Brant, Donna Firnberg, Kornelia McDaniel, and Russell Martin

This grant will provide two Osmo Genius Kits for each kindergarten classroom. The Osmo device allows students to use technology while also incorporating hands-on activities to build critical thinking skills both independently and in collaboration with peers. The Osmo systems will provide hands-on learning experiences within the subjects of science, reading, writing, and math.

IMG_0607Stage 2 Filling the Achievement Gap with New Pieces of the Puzzle
Abbie Freeman, Emily Strickland and Abby Becker

For the second year, the Foundation will help support a summer reading program at Hall-Kent Elementary. This year’s program will expand its outreach to struggling readers by constructing two Little Free Libraries. These outdoor libraries, which will be placed near the school, will provide books for students at any time of the day. In addition, the program will offer school library hours so that students can check out books throughout the summer.

Robotics with Dash & Dot
Becky Salls

“Robotics with Dash & Dot” will teach students basic coding skills as well as cooperative play, teamwork and digital literacy through the use of robots Dash and Dot and their programming apps. This program will be implemented during Hall-Kent’s new Club Day and will also be available for classroom and technology lab use.

Shades Cahaba Elementary

SCE Broadcast
Wendy Story and Lindsay Galafassi

With this grant, Shades Cahaba will reestablish its beloved “SCE TV” program. This student-created news program provides lessons in script-writing, editing, production and community-involv
ement for students. This grant will fund
the equipment necessary to produce the news show.

Summer Reading Project
Alli Phelps, Beth Gladney, Ellen Helf, John Lowry, and Wendy Story

This project will invite struggling readers and ELL students to participate in a summer reading program. Students will receive books at the end of the school year, attend a summer book swap and keep a journal about what they are reading. By keeping students engaged in reading throughout the summer break as well as by providing them with easy access to books, the program hopes to empower students to increase their confidence in literacy skills and their love of reading.

Homewood Middle School


Creating Opportunities for Pupils at Risk – Mary Paris

This program is designed to engage at-risk students in summer activities that prevent summer learning loss while building the foundational reading skills necessary for future academic success. During a structured in-school summer program, students will work on guided reading, vocabulary and reading comprehension activities.

Homewood High School

Boundless Opportunities – Jana Watts

This grant will help expand the collection of OverDrive Young Adult ebooks for high school students. Students are still getting used to the idea of having ebooks at the high school. By providing new titles and teaching them to use this new technology, this grant will make it easier for students to find engaging books at any time of the day.

HHS World Languages Technology Grant Request
Martha Parker, Julian Kersh, Melissa Dameron-Vines, Robyn Brown, Michelle Myers, Doug Welle and Rebecca Phillips


 The World Languages department at Homewood High School is exclusively using online textbooks for all of its classes. Unfortunately, the department has a limited number of devices for students to access their ‘tech’ books. This grant will provide 25 Chromebooks and microphones to be used throughout the department so that students can make the most of this new resource.


Graphing Calculators for the Pre-Calculus Classroom

Melinda Rouleau and Kim Gossett

This grant will provide TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculators for the two Pre-Calculus classrooms. Having access to the latest technology will help students as they perform high-end mathematics in the classroom.  Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II classes will benefit as well, from the use of existing, working calculators.