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Fall 2017 Grants

Congratulations to our 2017 Fall Foundation Grant Recipients!


Edgewood Elementary

“Jump Up for Reading”

This grant will provide the Jump Guided Reading Curriculum to each First Grade teacher. This curriculum teaches phonics, reading skills, and strategies through popular picture books. This curriculum adds both rigor and excitement to guided reading instruction. Each classroom will receive 38 titles.

“Beyond the Surface”

This grant will provide reading assessments for fiction for Grades 3 – 5 to better understand each student’s comprehension strengths and weaknesses. Along with assessments, the resource material will also help teachers design and direct instruction based on each student’s needs. Equipping students with comprehension skills for informational texts will enhance learning in science and social studies through the integration of literacy content.


Hall-Kent Elementary


“Multi-Sensory Math Manipulative Grant”

This grant will provide Math-U-See Integer Block Kits to implement multi-sensory learning strategies. Students will be able to use these manipulatives to help them reach their unique potential.

“RISE After School Enrichment Program”

Studies have shown consistent participation in quality after school programs is linked to significant gains in student achievement. Many low-income students do not have access to after school programs and many also do not have anyone able to help with homework. This grant will provide funding for an after school academic enrichment program targeting low-income students. The program will teach literacy and math strategies with an individualized approach.

“Second Through Fifth Grade Multi-Sensory Education Resource Grant”

This grant will provide Institute for Multi-Sensory Education (IMSE) Classroom Kits. The kits supply teachers with resources to instruct all students using a multi-sensory, research-based approach to reading instruction.


All Elementary


“Multi-Sensory Training for Elementary Teachers”

 Research has shown that students learn and retain words and concepts at a greater rate when auditory, visual and kinesthetic interaction with language are simultaneously used as part of the teaching process. This grant provides training and materials for teachers to incorporate multi-sensory strategies into existing literacy curriculum.

“Breaking Out of Traditional Lessons with Critical Thinking”

 This grant provides Breakout EDU kits for each elementary school library. The kits contain a collection of boxes, locks and keys that can be used for creating personalized problem-solving activities.


Homewood Middle School


“National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference”

 This grant provides funding to allow three HMS teachers to attend the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference in Washington, DC. The conference will expose the teachers to up-to-date research and teaching practices that will ultimately benefit students.


Homewood High School


“French History Project”

This grant will provide a wall map to accompany a year-long French history project. The map will become a permanent fixture and learning tool in the World Languages hallway.

 “TI84 Plus CE Graphing Calculators”

This grant provides graphing calculators for Analytical Math and Algebra II with Trigonometry classes. The Foundation has helped update this new technology for many of the math classes at the high school.

 “HHS Outdoor Classroom”


This grant provides funding for materials and labor to build an outdoor classroom. The outdoor classroom will provide a safe environment for instruction in an outdoor environment and will be accessible to all students.

 “Breakout Away From Ordinary”

This grant will provide Breakout EDU kits to be housed in the library. The kits contain a Breakout box and a variety of locks, keys and other materials that can be used for problem-solving activities.