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Celebrating the 1st Annual Homewood Grown Event

The Foundation celebrated its 20-year anniversary with a successful outdoor event on Thursday, April 3rd. Thanks to the support of our corporate sponsors, parents, alumni and teachers, the event captured the essence of what it truly means to be "Homewood Grown".

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Planting the Seeds for Success

The Homewood City Schools Foundation mission is to raise funds to enhance the educational experience for all Homewood City School students. Student by student, classroom by classroom, school by school, we are making a difference in our community and our world. Won’t you support us? Join our online community now.

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Chrome book thank you

We love knowing that our funding for the new HMS Chromebooks was this appreciated! There is nothing more rewarding for Foundation board members and supporters than seeing happy children and educators.

Chrome book thank you 2


We look forward to the next project and the impact it will have on Homewood City School students!

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Foundation Grants $36,000 for New Technology

New Chromebooks at HMS
Students unpack the new Chromebooks at Homewood Middle School.

Thanks to our generous donors, the Homewood City Schools Foundation has provided Homewood Middle School with more than $36,000 for new technology, specifically 120 Chromebooks. These devices will be used to access the new social studies ‘tech’ book that the school system introduced this fall. The Chromebooks can also be used for other applications and will be available to all students at the school.

“We are thankful for the Foundation’s generous grant of new Chromebooks,” said Jimmie Pearson, Homewood Middle School principal. “These devices will help ensure that all of our students have access to technology. We are fortunate to have such a supportive Foundation and community,”

The Chromebooks will help update the equipment on many of the technology carts that the school uses. When the middle school opened in 2006, it was equipped with the latest technology.

“Homewood Middle School had both the blessing and the curse of receiving a completely new technology package when the school was built – new lap top carts for students and new lap tops for teachers,” said Dr. Patrick Chappell, Director of Instruction for Homewood City Schools. “That has made a replacement schedule challenging, as the devices are tending to wear out at the same time. They are now a little behind the other schools in having newer devices which work to their fullest capacities.”

Now, students can use these new devices to access the books and applications that are so common in classrooms now.

“We are so fortunate to be able to support the middle school in this effort,” says Julie Keith, President of the Foundation board. “The Foundation has worked hard to be able to expand our funding of grants and other initiatives, and we are excited to see how the teachers and students will be able to use the new Chromebooks in the classroom. The success of projects like this only motivates us to increase our efforts further.”

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Foundation Welcomes New Board President

Foundation Welcomes New Board President

Julie Keith

The Homewood City Schools Foundation is pleased to announce the installation of Julie Keith as Board President. Julie has served in many roles on the board, including vice president and chair of both the communications and fund development committees. Her passion and creativity have helped to increase the Foundation’s presence in the community.  She is currently the Communications Director for the College of Arts and Sciences at UAB. She and her husband, Todd, live in Homewood and have children at both Edgewood Elementary and Homewood Middle School.  Julie follows Jill Kimbrell who was recently appointed to serve on the Homewood Board of Education.

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